Chugchanga-L Members' Favorite Records of 2001

no. of votesRecordVoters
1!!!, !!! (Gold Standard Laboratories) Brian Eck
1Aaliyah - Aaliyah (Blackground) David Raposa
1Aceyalone Accepted Eclectic Ground Control Jeffrey W. Breeze
1Acid Mothers Temple: La Novia (Swordfish) Neil Donnelly
1Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O., New Geocentric World (Squealer) Fred Mills
2Ryan Adams "Gold" [Lost Highway] Sean Carruthers, Stephen Clover
1Barry Adamson + Pan Sonic Motorlab #3 (Kitchen Motors) Sean Carruthers
2Aereogramme, A Story In White (Matador/Chemikal Underground) Stuart McHugh, Jim Steed
3Aesop Rock, Labor Days (Def Jux) Yin Pin, David Raposa, Joe Willette
5Air, 10,000 Hz Legend (Astralwerks) Tom Meyer, Bjorn Olson, Doug Orleans, Soren Petersen, Aaron Schnore
1Airport 5 - A Tower In The Fountain of Sparks Aaron Schnore
1Algarnas Tradgard: Delayed CD (SWE, Silence) Karl Ikola
1Alta May - We as in Us (Glazed) Scott Colburn
1Oren Ambarchi Suspension (Touch) Andy Beta
2American Analog Set - Know By Heart (Tiger Style) Tom Meyer, Keith Sawyer
1American Steel - Jagged Thoughts (Lookout! Records) Kevin S. Hoskins
1Laurie Anderson Life on a String (Nonesuch/Warner) Sean Carruthers
1Sunshine Anderson "Lunch and Dinner" Sean Howe
1Angels of Light: How I Loved You (Young God) Jim Flannery
1Anthem Eighty Eight - Q:And Progress? A:And Progress (Schematics) Michael Howes
1Anti-Flag - Underground Network (Fat) Kevin S. Hoskins
1Anti-Pop --Consortium Shopping Carts Crashing-- Jimmy Askew
1Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra - "Liberation Afrobeat Vol. 1" (Ninja Tune) Russell Gragg
4Aphex Twin, Drukqs (Warp/Sire) Brent Burton, Rob Lim, Bjorn Olson, Jodi Shapiro
4Arab Strap, The Red Thread (Matador/Chemikal Underground) Stuart McHugh, Tom Meyer, Soren Petersen, Keith Sawyer
1Arkade - Tonightrophobia (ERX) Scott Colburn
2Ass Ponys, Lohio (Checkered Past) Bob McCarthy, Carl Zimring
1Atomsmasher / S/T (Hydra Head) Brian Turner
2Autechre -- CONFIELD (Warp) Aaron Schnore, Jodi Shapiro
8The Avalanches, Since I Left You (Sire) [rerelease] Neil Donnelly, Sean Howe, Matthew Kaplan, Bjorn Olson, Doug Orleans, Soren Petersen, Keith Sawyer, Jodi Shapiro
1Avey Tare, Panda Bear & The Geologist - Danse Manatee (Catsup Plate) David Caperton
1Azure Ray - Azure Ray (Warm) David Raposa
1derek bailey/eddie prevost -- ore (arrival) Yin Pin
1derek bailey/shoji hano -- fish (psf) Yin Pin
1Afrika Bambatta "Looking for the Perfrect Beat 1980-1985" (Tommy Boy) Kelly Corcoran
1Bob Bannister: Dives and Lazarus (Twisted Village) Jim Flannery
1Barcelona, Transhuman Revolution (Pulcec) Brian Eck
2Bardo Pond: Dilate (Matador) Jim Flannery, Iikka Korhonen
1Bardo Pond, Vol. II (Three Lobed) Doug Orleans
1Deborah Bartley - Pacific (Wandering Eye) Scott Colburn
1Basement Jaxx, "Romeo" (Astralwerks) Tim Midgett
3Basement Jaxx, Rooty (Astralwerks) Bob McCarthy, Tim Midgett, Bjorn Olson
1Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (Capital) C. K. Hutler
2Beachwood Sparks, Once We Were Trees (Sub Pop) Fred Mills, Bjorn Olson
1Beans - "Crane Wars (Zumaudio) Russell Gragg
1Beatless, Life Mirrors (Ubiquity) Fred Mills
1Belle and Sebastian, Sing Jonathan David (Matador) Bob McCarthy
1Gregg Bendian's Interzone Requiem for Jack Kirby Derek Monypeny
1Bendy Toy - Fantastic Chicken (Starshaped) Stuart McHugh
3The Beta Band, Hot Shots II (Astralwerks) Kathy Fennessy, Bjorn Olson, Soren Petersen
1Beulah: The Coast is Never Clear: Velocette Joe Willette
1Bingo Trappers - Juanita Ave. (Animal World) Cory Brown
1Birchville Cat Motel "Crop Circle Empires" [Celebrate Psi Phenomenon] Stephen Clover
2Birchville Cat Motel "We Count These ...Prayers" [Corpus Hermeticum] Stephen Clover, Jim Flannery
1Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire - The Swimming Hour (Rykodisc) David Raposa
1Birdie - Triple Echo (It) Keith Sawyer
1bis - Return To Central Lise LePage
1Jamie Bissmire - "12 Tribes" (Ground) John Rickman
7Bjork, Vespertine (Elektra) Geoff Cox, Robert J. Girardi, David Katznelson, Tom Meyer, Fred Mills, Keith Sawyer, Jodi Shapiro
1Black Box Recorder, "The Art of Driving" (Nude) Tim Midgett
2Black Box Recorder, The Facts of Life (Jetset) C. K. Hutler, Tim Midgett
1Black Box Recorder, "The Facts of Life" (Nude) Tim Midgett
1Black Box Recorder, The Worst of Black Box Recorder (Jetset) 5 points Tim Midgett
1Black Cat Orchestra - Mysteries Explained (Irene) Scott Colburn
1Black Dice: Cold Hands (Troubleman Unlimited) Jim Flannery
1Black Dice - "Peace in the Valley/Ball" (31G) Rob Carmichael
3B.R.M.C., Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Virgin) [rerelease] Max Daniels, Doug Orleans, Joe Willette
1Blake Babies, God Bless the Blake Babies (Rounder) Ernest Paik
1Mary J. Blige "Family Affair" (remix) Sean Howe
1Olivia Block Mobius Fuse (Sedimental) Andy Beta
1Blueline Medic - The Apology Wars (Fueled by Ramen) Kevin S. Hoskins
1Blumfeld - Testament der Angst Geoff Cox
1Bone Box - Brotherhood and Unity (Ugly Man) Stuart McHugh
2Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Ease Down the Road (Palace) Thomas Humphrey, Jim Steed
3Boredoms Rebore Vol. 0: Vision Recreation by Eye (WEA Japan) Andy Beta, Windy Chien, Rob Lim
5Boredoms, Vision Creation Newsun (Birdman) [rerelease] Brent Burton, Neil Donnelly, Thomas Humphrey, David Katznelson, Doug Orleans
1BOWS Cassady (tooPure) Steve Burt
1Brain Donor Love Peace & Fuck (Impresario) Britt Daniel
1BRAN VAN 3000-Discosis (Virgin/Grand Royal) Bjorn Olson
1Anthony Braxton Quartet Coventry Concert West Wind Eric Arn
1francoiz breut -- vingt a trente mille jours (bella union) Yin Pin
1Brian Jonestown Massacre: Bravery Repetition and Noise: Bomp Records Joe Willette
1Thomas Brinkmann; 46 Valentino e.p.; Max Ernst Rob Lim
1Broken Promises Dying Before the First Step Good Life Justin Foley
1Daniele Brusaschetto / Bluviola (Radon) Brian Turner
1BUCK 65-Man Overboard (Metaforensics) Bjorn Olson
4Built to Spill, Ancient Melodies of the Future (Warner Bros.) Windy Chien, Stephen W Farneman, Kathy Fennessy, Aaron Schnore
1Bullfrog: Bullfrog: Ropeadope Joe Willette
1Burning Airlines - Identikit (DeSoto) Kevin S. Hoskins
1RL Burnside: Burnside on Burnside: Fat Possum Joe Willette
1David Byrne - "Look Into The Eyeball" (Luaka Bop/Warner) Russell Gragg
1Roberto Cacciapaglia Sei Note and Sonanze (Recording Arts? Proper?) Andy Beta
2Cale, John: Stainless Gamelan: Inside the Dream Syndicate Volume III (Table of Elements) Jim Flannery, Iikka Korhonen
4Califone, Roomsound (Perishable) Cory Brown, Jeff Economy, Chris Jacobs, Andrew Leonard
1California Oranges, The, The California Oranges (Darla) Brian Eck
2Call and Response, Call and Response (Emperor Norton) Ernest Paik, Keith Sawyer
1Roy Campbell - Ethnic Stew & Brew (Delmark) Thomas Humphrey
6Cannibal Ox, The Cold Vein (Def Jux) Andy Beta, Windy Chien, Kelly Corcoran, Matthew Kaplan, Soren Petersen, Joe Willette
1Capleton / More Fire (VP) Brian Turner
1Martin Carthy: The Carthy Chronicles (Free Reed) Douglas Wolk
3Neko Case, Canadian Amp (Lady Pilot) Tom Meyer, Ernest Paik, Carl Zimring
3Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, No More Shall We Part (Reprise/Mute) Sean Carruthers, Robert J. Girardi, Chris Jacobs
1Cayto - A Sin of Adult Swimming () Stuart McHugh
1Centro-matic "Distance and Clime" (IDOL) Matthew J Barnhart
1The Chameleons - Why Call it Anything? Geoff Cox
1Charalambides Water Wholly Other Eric Arn
2Charley Patton: Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues (Revenant) Jeff Economy, Douglas Wolk
1The Chickens Prepare to Plug In (Eggs-cellent) Sean Carruthers
1The Chills - Secret Box. Geoff Cox
1Cicaeda - A Breathing Space Robert J. Girardi
2Circle - Taantumus (Bad Vugum/tUMULt) Iikka Korhonen, Carl Youngdahl
2Circulatory System "Circulatory System" (Cloud) David Caperton, Kelly Corcoran
1Gene Clark No Other (WEA Japan) Andy Beta
2The Clean / Getaway (Merge) Brian Turner, Douglas Wolk
1Clearlake - Lido (Dusty/Domino) Cory Brown
2Clem Snide, The Ghost of Fashion (spinArt) Sean Howe, Bob McCarthy
2The Clientele, Suburban Light (Merge) Britt Daniel, Keith Sawyer
1Climax Golden Twins - rock record (Fire Breathing Turtle) Scott Colburn
1Climax Golden Twins - Session 9 (Milan) Scott Colburn
2Clinic - Internal Wrangler (Domino US reissue) Stephen W Farneman, Kathy Fennessy
1Clogs - Thom's Night Out (Brassland) David Raposa
2CLOUDDEAD: CLOUDDEAD (MUSH RECORDS) Matthew Kaplan, Soren Petersen
1Clumsy - Center of Attention Deficit Disorder (Idol Records) Kevin S. Hoskins
1CODY Stillpoint Primer (Shinkansen) Steve Burt
1Leonard Cohen Field Commander Cohen (Columbia) Jeff Economy
2Leonard Cohen, Ten New Songs (Columbia) Jeff Economy, Yin Pin
2Philip Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble - On The Beach (Aestuarium; Re-Issue) David Caperton, Thomas Humphrey
1Jonathan Coleclough; Period; Anomalous Rob Lim
1James Coleman: Zuihitsu (Sedimental) Jim Flannery
2john coltrane -- the olatunji concert: the last live recording (impulse) Iikka Korhonen, Yin Pin
1Comets on Fire / s/t (Comets on Fire) Brian Turner
1Bobby Conn - "The Golden Age" (Thrill Jockey) Rob Carmichael
1loren mazzacane connors -- the little match girl (road cone) Yin Pin
1The Constantines The Constantines (Three Gut) Sean Carruthers
2Converge / Jane Doe (Equal Vision) Justin Foley, Brian Turner
1Convocation Of... - Pyramid Technology Robert J. Girardi
1Cookie Brooklyn "Cookie Brooklyn" 7" [Portel] Stephen Clover
4The Coup, Party Music (75 Ark) Jeffrey W. Breeze, Windy Chien, Russell Gragg, Derek Monypeny
1Cradle Of Filth: Bitter Suites To Succubi (Spitfire) David Katznelson
1Crowns on 45 --Not on the Menu-- Jimmy Askew
1Cursive - Burst and Bloom EP (Saddle Creek) Kevin S. Hoskins
1Cyclobe: The Visitors (Phantom Code) Jim Flannery
1Daft Punk "Digital Love" Sean Howe
2DAFT PUNK-Discovery (Virgin) Bjorn Olson, Doug Orleans
1Danielson Famile, Fetch the Compass Kids (Secretly Canadian) Bob McCarthy
1Dark Lotus - self titled (Psychopathic) Scott Colburn
1Miles Davis - Birth Of The Cool (The Rudy Van Gelder Edition) (Blue Note/Capitol reissue) Stephen W Farneman
2Miles Davis - The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions (Legacy/Columbia) Jeff Economy, Stephen W Farneman
1Miles Davis -- Live at the Fillmore East (March 7, 1970): It's About That Time (Sony/Legacy) Brent Burton
1Dead Meadow, Dead Meadow (Tolotta) Doug Orleans
1Dead Moon, Trash and Burn (Empty) 5 points Tim Midgett
1Deadly Snakes: I'm Not Your Soldier Anymore (In The Red) David Katznelson
1Dear Nora, We'll Have a Time (Magic Marker) Brian Eck
1Deliberate Strangers, Ghostland Next Exit (Rattler) Carl Zimring
1Deltron 3030 -- DELTRON 3030 (75 Ark) Jodi Shapiro
1Den of Size - S/T Aaron Schnore
3Destroyer, Streethawk: A Seduction (Misra) Rob Carmichael, Britt Daniel, Tim Midgett
1Dido "Thank You" Sean Howe
1Dilated Peoples - "Expansion Team" (Capitol/EMI) Russell Gragg
1Dilute - Grape Blueprints Pour Spinach Olive Grape (54-40 or Fight!) Cory Brown
1Dimmer "I Believe You Are A Star" [Sony] Stephen Clover
1The Dinner Is Ruined - "Ray Charles Kinda Party" (Sonic Unyon) Russell Gragg
3Dirtbombs, Ultraglide in Black (In the Red) Neil Donnelly, Kevin S. Hoskins, David Katznelson
4The Dismemberment Plan, Change (DeSoto) Brian Eck, Kevin S. Hoskins, David Raposa, Keith Sawyer
1Divine Comedy - Regeneration. Parlophone Geoff Cox
1Bill Dixon/Archie Shepp 7-tette/NY Contemporary5 Savoy Eric Arn
1Dodge/Witte - East<->West Blast Test (Slap A Ham) Michael Howes
1Donnas, The Donnas Turn 21 (Lookout) Bob McCarthy
1Doormouse -- THE ALBUM? (Massive) Jodi Shapiro
1Double Leopards - A Pebble In Thousands Of Unmapped Revolutions (Eclipse) David Caperton
1Luke Doucet Aloha, Manitoba (Six-Shooter) Sean Carruthers
1Dave Douglas - Witness (Bluebird/BMG) Thomas Humphrey
1Johnny Dowd Temporary Shelter Derek Monypeny
1Graeme Downes - Hammers & Anvils (Matador) David Raposa
2The Dream Syndicate - The Days of Wine & Roses (Rhino reissue) Stephen W Farneman, Soren Petersen
1Drive-By Truckers, Southern Rock Opera (Soul Dump) Carl Zimring
1Drumm / Pita; Drumm / Pita; BOXmedia Rob Lim
1Drunk Horse, Tanning Salon/Biblical Proportions (Man's Ruin) Doug Orleans
1The Du-Tels: No Knowledge of Music Required (Knitting Factory Works) Douglas Wolk
1Dulce Kaptilo - self titled 7" (Irene) Scott Colburn
1Dumb Type -- MEMORANDUM (CCI Japan) Jodi Shapiro
2Herman Düne: They Go to the Woods (Shrimper) Cory Brown, Jim Flannery
1Dunlavy: The Alison Effect (Camera Obscura) Jim Flannery
4Bob Dylan, Love and Theft (Columbia) David Katznelson, Bob McCarthy, Fred Mills, Yin Pin
2Dymaxion - Dymaxion x 4 + 3 = 38:33 (Room Tone; Re-Issue) David Caperton, Ernest Paik
1Earth Opera - S/T (Wounded Bird; Re-Issue) David Caperton
1Edan and Company / Bring You the Raw Shit (Landspeed) Brian Turner
4Mark Eitzel, The Invisible Man (Matador) Stephen W Farneman, Russell Gragg, Keith Sawyer, Carl Zimring
1Kahil El'Zabar & Billy Bang / Spirits Entering (Delmark) Brian Turner
1Electric Eels: The Eyeball of Hell (Scat, reissue, sort of) Iikka Korhonen
1Electric Prunes: Lost Dreams (Birdman) David Katznelson
1Missy Elliott, "Get Ur Freak On" (Elektra) Tim Midgett
2Missy Elliott – Miss E...So Addictive (Gold Mind/Elektra) Jeffrey W. Breeze, Brent Burton
8Erase Errata, Other Animals (Troubleman Unlimited) Jimmy Askew, Jeffrey W. Breeze, Cory Brown, Kelly Corcoran, Brian Eck, Michael Howes, Derek Monypeny, David Raposa
3Alejandro Escovedo, A Man Under the Influence (Bloodshot) Russell Gragg, Fred Mills, Carl Zimring
1Alemayehu Eshete - Ethiopiques Vol. 9 (Buda Musique) Thomas Humphrey
1Eve featuring Gwen Stefani "Blow Ya Mind" Sean Howe
4The Ex, Dizzy Spells (Touch and Go) Jimmy Askew, Michael Howes, Iikka Korhonen, Tim Midgett
1Ex-Models - Other Mathematics (Ace Fu) Cory Brown
3Ex Orkest, Een Rondje Holland (Ex Music) Michael Howes, Brian Turner, Douglas Wolk
1Explosions in the Sky - Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever (Temporary Residence) Jim Steed
1Extra Glenns, The, Martial Arts Weekend (Absolutely Kosher) Brian Eck
1Fabolous "Can't Deny It" Sean Howe
1John Fahey - Days Have Gone By (Takoma) Thomas Humphrey
3The Faint, Danse Macabre (Saddle Creek) Steve Burt, Brian Eck, Keith Sawyer
1Elizabeth Falconer/ Aiko Shimada - Oyasumi (Kotoworld) Scott Colburn
1The Fall: Are You Missing Winner (Cog Sinister) David Katznelson
1Fantomas: Director's Cut (Ipecac) Iikka Korhonen
1richard and mima farina -- the complete vanguard recordings (vanguard recs) Yin Pin
1morton feldman -- string quartet (ii) (hat[now]art) Yin Pin
5Fennesz, Endless Summer (Mego) Andy Beta, Jeffrey W. Breeze, Rob Carmichael, Kelly Corcoran, Neil Donnelly
1Flaming Sideburns: Hallelujah Rock'n'Rollah (Bad Afro) Iikka Korhonen
1Henry Flynt - Graduation Day & Other New Country & Blues Music (Ampersand) David Caperton
2Henry Flynt You Are My Everlovin' (Recorded) Eric Arn, Andy Beta
1Foetus: Flow: Thirsty Ear Joe Willette
1Fontanelle *F* CD (Kranky) Soren Petersen
1Footsouljahs "Stlyz Deliveriez Flowz" [2Much Music] Stephen Clover
1Four Tet - Pause (Domino) David Caperton
1Paula Frazer: Indoor Universe (Birdman) David Katznelson
3Fridge, Happiness (Brainwashed/Temporary Residence) David Caperton, David Raposa, Jim Steed
1Bill Frisell with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones (Nonesuch) Fred Mills
2Frost, Edith - Wonder Wonder (Drag City) Jodi Shapiro, Jim Steed
3Fruit Bats, Echolocation (Perishable) Cory Brown, Jeff Economy, Chris Jacobs
15Fugazi, The Argument/Furniture EP (Dischord) Jimmy Askew, Sean Carruthers, Kelly Corcoran, Brian Eck, Justin Foley, Russell Gragg, Kevin S. Hoskins, Michael Howes, C. K. Hutler, Bjorn Olson, Soren Petersen, David Raposa, John Rickman, Joe Willette, Douglas Wolk
1Robbie Fulks, Couples in Trouble (Boondoggle) Carl Zimring
1Vincent Gallo -When Robert J. Girardi
1Anja Garbarek Smiling & Waving (Virgin) Andy Beta
1Garmarna - Hildegard von Bingen (NorthSide) Carl Youngdahl
1Rebecca Gates, Ruby Series (Badman) Carl Zimring
1The Gay Barbarians and or the Jaurwaurs, I Want It To Sound Like a Monster Or A Boombox (360/Stereo Abuse) Doug Orleans
1Howe Gelb: Confluence (Thrill Jockey) Neil Donnelly
1Gescom -- GESCOM (Warp UK) Jodi Shapiro
1Ghostface Killah featuring Carl Thomas "Never Gonna Be The Same" Sean Howe
2Glass Candy & the Shattered Theatre - "Tour CDs" (self-released) Rob Carmichael, Brian Turner
2Godflesh - In All Languages 2CD (Earache) reissue Justin Foley, Michael Howes
1Goem Disco Fourth Dimension Justin Foley
1Gold Chains s/t (Orthlong Musork) Windy Chien
1Holly Golightly, Singles Round-Up (Damaged Goods) Bob McCarthy
1Goodiepal & Friends; untitled LP; Mainpal Rob Lim
1Gorillaz -- GORILLAZ (Virgin) Jodi Shapiro
2Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, How I Long To Feel That Summer In My Heart (Beggars Banquet) Sean Carruthers, Sean Howe
1Granfaloon Bus Exploded View Derek Monypeny
1Macy Gray, The Id (Epic) 5 points Tim Midgett
1Macy Gray, "Relating to a Psychopath" (Epic album track, should've been single) Tim Midgett
1bernhard guenter -- crossing the river (night music) (trente oiseaux) Yin Pin
1bernhard guenter -- monochrome white/ polychrome w/neon nails (12k-line) Yin Pin
5Guided By Voices, Isolation Drills (TVT) C. K. Hutler, Lise LePage, Bob McCarthy, Aaron Schnore, Joe Willette
1Margo Guryan: 25 Demos (Franklin Castle) Douglas Wolk
2Guyana Punch Line - "Irritainment" (Prank) Michael Howes, John Rickman
3Neil Michael Hagerty, Neil Michael Hagerty (Drag City) Andy Beta, David Katznelson, Aaron Schnore
2Merle Haggard, Roots, Vol 1 (Anti-) Kelly Corcoran, Andrew Leonard
1The Haggard - No Future (Mr Lady) Michael Howes
1Rob Halford - Live Insurrection Robert J. Girardi
1Rob Halford - Ressurection Robert J. Girardi
2The Handsome Family "Twilight" (Carrot Top) Matthew J Barnhart, Bob McCarthy
1Har Mar Superstar/Atom and His Package - "Shopping Spree" split 7" (Sub City Records) Carl Youngdahl
1Roy Harper - "Stormcock (reissue)" (Science Friction) Rob Carmichael
1George Harrison "All Things Must Pass" (reissue) [Apple] Stephen Clover
1Hawd Gankstuh Rapphus... - Wake Up & Smell the Piss (Load Records) David Raposa
1Hawksley Workman - "(Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves" (Isadora/Universal) Russell Gragg
1Hazard -- WIND (Touch UK) Jodi Shapiro
1Heavenly, Heavenly vs. Satan (K) Ernest Paik
1HEFNER-Dead Media (Too Pure) Bjorn Olson
1Helio Sequence - Young Effectuals (Cavity Search) Cory Brown
1Hellfish -- MEAT MACHINE BROADCAST SYSTEM (Planet Mu UK) Jodi Shapiro
1Hem, Rabbit Songs (Waveland) Sean Howe
1Kristen Hersh, Sunny Border Blue (4AD) Carl Zimring
2His Name Is Alive, Someday My Blues Will Cover the Earth (4AD) Jeffrey W. Breeze, Ernest Paik
1Kelly Hogan, Because It Feel Good (Bloodshot) Carl Zimring
1Hot Water Music - A Flight and a Crash (Epitaph) Kevin S. Hoskins
2Idlewild - 100 Broken Windows (Odeon/Capitol) Geoff Cox, Kevin S. Hoskins
1Isis - Celestial (Hydra Head) Michael Howes
1Isis, Sgnl>05 (Neurot) Justin Foley
2Jackie-O Motherfucker - The Magick Fire Music (Ecstatic Peace!) David Caperton, Jim Flannery
1Melvin Jackson Funky Skull (Limelight) Andy Beta
1January - I Heard Myself In You (Poptones) Keith Sawyer
2Jay-Z - The Blueprint (Def Jam) Sean Howe, David Raposa
1Peter Jefferies: Closed Circuit (Emperor Jones) Neil Donnelly
1Jan Jelinek - "Loop-Finding Jazz Records" (~Scape) John Rickman
1Jim Yoshii Pileup - It's winter here. Absolutely Kosher. Geoff Cox
1JIMMY EAT WORLD-Bleed American (DreamWorks) Bjorn Olson
1Jinx - Return Fire (Swedish gabber - self released?) Carl Youngdahl
1Daniel Dale Johnston, Rejected Unknown (Telegraph) Brian Eck
1Josephine - This Is Not An Exit (Lithium) Stuart McHugh
1Joshua - Gold Cosmos (Feather One's Nest) David Caperton
1Jucifer: The Lambs EP: Velocette Joe Willette
1Jukeboxer - Learns the Alphabet (First Love) Cory Brown
1Stefan Junghans Inside Strange Attractors Eric Arn
3Juno, A Future Lived In Past Tense (DeSoto) Jimmy Askew, Geoff Cox, C. K. Hutler
1Karaboudjan - Sbrodj (Relapse) Windy Chien
1Jeff Kelly *Indiscretion* (Hidden Agenda) Soren Petersen
1Paul Kelly, Nothing But a Dream (EMI Australia) Carl Zimring
1King Crimson - Level 5 Robert J. Girardi
1King Crimson Live in Mainz 3.30.74 (King Crimson Collector's Club) Jeff Economy
1King Kapisi "Savage Thoughts" [Festival] Stephen Clover
2The Kingsbury Manx - Let You Down - Overcoat Chris Jacobs, Soren Petersen
3Kinski, Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle (Pacifico) Max Daniels, Chris Jacobs, Jim Steed
1Jacques Kopstein - a (Frenetic) Cory Brown
1Takehisa Kosugi Catch Wave (boot) Andy Beta
1Chris Kowanko - Spell (Swimming) Keith Sawyer
1Kozelek, Frank: What's Next to the Moon (Badman) Iikka Korhonen
1Victor Krummenacher, Bittersweet (Magnetic) Carl Zimring
1DJ Krush "Zen" (Red Ink/Sony) Kelly Corcoran
2Labradford --Fixed::Context-- Jimmy Askew, Aaron Schnore
1Ladytron: 604 (Emperor Norton) Douglas Wolk
2Lali Puna - Scary World Theory (Morr Andy Beta, Jim Steed
1Landing - Circuit (Music Fellowship Jim Steed
1Landing - Oceanless (Strange-Attractors Jim Steed
1Mark Lanegan - Field Songs (Sub Pop) Thomas Humphrey
3The Langley Schools Music Project, Innocence and Despair (Bar/None) Jeff Economy, Stephen W Farneman, Bob McCarthy
1Lapsus Linguae - Parade (and that's an order!) (Livid Meerkat) Stuart McHugh
2Le Tigre - Feminist Sweepstakes (Mr. Lady) Kathy Fennessy, Carl Youngdahl
2Le Tigre - From the Desk of Mr. Lady (Mr. Lady) Tom Meyer, Carl Youngdahl
1Leafcutter John -- MICROCONTACT (Planet Mu UK) Jodi Shapiro
1Leatherface - Minx. BYO. Geoff Cox
3Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, The Tyranny of Distance (Lookout!) Jimmy Askew, Sean Howe, David Raposa
2Les Savy Fav, Go Forth (Frenchkiss) Chris Jacobs, David Raposa
2Alan Licht: Plays Well (Crank Automotive) Neil Donnelly, Douglas Wolk
1Liekki: Magio (Hawaii Sounds) Iikka Korhonen
2Life without Buildings, Any Other City (Tugboat) Andrew Leonard, Douglas Wolk
1Lift to Experience - The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads (Bella Union Jim Steed
8Lightning Bolt, Ride The Skies (Load) Brent Burton, Rob Carmichael, Neil Donnelly, Brian Eck, David Raposa, John Rickman, Jodi Shapiro, Brian Turner
1Chris Ligon Crazy Dazy (self-released/no label) Jeff Economy
7LiLiPUT/Kleenex, The Complete Recordings (Kill Rock Stars) [compilation] Jeffrey W. Breeze, Windy Chien, Stephen W Farneman, Kathy Fennessy, Michael Howes, Ernest Paik, Jodi Shapiro
2The Locust - "Flight of the Wounded Locust" (GSL) Michael Howes, John Rickman
1The Lot Six - The Code Mode EP (Espo Records) Kevin S. Hoskins
1Love as Laughter Sea to Shining Sea Sub pop Jeffrey W. Breeze
2Love - Forever Changes (Rhino reissue) Andy Beta, Stephen W Farneman
2Love Life "The Rose he Lied By" (Troubleman) Kelly Corcoran, Robert J. Girardi
7Low, Things We Lost in the Fire (Kranky) Cory Brown, Jeff Economy, Chris Jacobs, Tom Meyer, David Raposa, Aaron Schnore, Jodi Shapiro
1Lobby Loyde: Plays With George Guitar CD (AUS, Vicious Sloth). late 2000 Karl Ikola
1Lucksmiths, Why That Doesn't Surprise Me (Drive-In) Sean Howe
1Lumen The Man Felt and Iron Hand... Justin Foley
1Magic Carpathians Denega Obuh Eric Arn
1Magic Carpathians Project Ethnocore 2:Nytu Drunken Fish Jeffrey W. Breeze
1Kawabata Makoto / Richard Youngs - s/t (vhf) Windy Chien
1Stephen Malkmus, "Church on White" (Matador album track, should've been single) Tim Midgett
4Stephen Malkmus, Stephen Malkmus (Matador) Bob McCarthy, Tim Midgett, Bjorn Olson, Jim Steed
1BARBARA MANNING AND THE GO-LUCKYS You Should Know By Now (Innerstate) Steve Burt
1Joe Maphis - Fire on the Strings (Columbia) Thomas Humphrey
1Lionel Marchetti/Voice Crack/Jerome Noetinger: Double Wash (Grob) Jim Flannery
1MarineVille "Ready For the Dance" [Oak Park Records] Stephen Clover
1Graig Markel Hard Grammer (Mag Wheel) Britt Daniel
1Marumari - "Supermogadon" (Carpark) John Rickman
1Mary Janes, Flame (Flat Earth) Carl Zimring
1Masada: Live at Tonic 2001 (Tzadik) Douglas Wolk
1Stephan Mathieu - Frequency Lib (Mille Plateaux) Windy Chien
4Matmos, A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure (Matador) Steve Burt, Sean Carruthers, Neil Donnelly, Carl Youngdahl
1MAYOR McCA-Me Is He (Sonic Unyon) Bjorn Olson
1Mazarin - A Tell-Tale Storyline (spinArt) Cory Brown
1Kathy McGinty - s/t (Hamburger) Windy Chien
1John McLaughlin - Devotion (Fuel 2000 reissue) Stephen W Farneman
1The Medea Connection, The Bell Ringer (Curve of the Earth) Doug Orleans
1Melvins, Electroretard (Man's Ruin) [compilation] Doug Orleans
1Mercury Rev "All is Dream" [V2] Stephen Clover
1Mercury Rev - Deserters Songs Robert J. Girardi
1The Mighty Hannibal "Hannibalism" (Norton) Kelly Corcoran
1Milemarker --Anaeasthetic-- Jimmy Askew
1Buddy & Julie Miller (Hightone) Fred Mills
1Jeff Mills - "Metropolis" (Tresor) John Rickman
1Jeff Mills - "Time Machine" (Axis) John Rickman
1Minamo; Minamo; Quakebasket Rob Lim
1Mink Lungs, The Better Button (Arena Rock) Fred Mills
1The Mobius Band Two self-released Jeffrey W. Breeze
1Modest Mouse, Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks (Sony/Epic) Brian Eck
1Modey Lemon: You Bug Me 7" (Crash Bang Wallop) Neil Donnelly
4Mogwai, Rock Action/My Father My King EP (Matador) Sean Carruthers, Brian Eck, Lise LePage, Fred Mills
1Moldy Peaches, The Moldy Peaches (Sanctuary) Bob McCarthy
1Momus - Folktronic (Le Grand Magistery) Keith Sawyer
1Monkey Island - Mussolini's Teaspoons (Ultra) Stuart McHugh
1Monster Magnet: God Says No Max Daniels
1Joe Morris - Singularity (AUM Fidelity) Thomas Humphrey
1Mouse on Mars; Agit Itter It It; Sonig Rob Lim
1Mouse On Mars - Idiology Lise LePage
2Moviola, Rumors of the Faithful (Spirit of Orr) Kevin S. Hoskins, Carl Zimring
1MY FAVORITE A Cult of One EP (Double Agent) Steve Burt
1Mystic Siva: s/t LP (GER, World In Sound) Karl Ikola
1Toshimaru Nakamura/Keith Rowe: Weather Sky (Erstwhile) Jim Flannery
1National Skyline - This = Everything (File 13) Kevin S. Hoskins
1..Native Hipsters: There Goes Concorde Again (Mechanically Reclaimed Music) Douglas Wolk
1Nrctarine No. 9 - Received, Transgressed... (Creeping Bent) Stuart McHugh
1Need New Body - s/t (Cenotaph Jim Steed
1Negative Space: The Living Dead Years CD (Monster) late 2000 release Karl Ikola
1Negativland - The Guys are from England and Who Gives a Shit (Seelard) Michael Howes
1Neu!, Neu! (Astralwerks) Ernest Paik
3Neu!, Neu! 2 (Astralwerks) [rerelease] David Caperton, Scott Colburn, Ernest Paik
1Neu!, Neu! '75 (Astralwerks) Ernest Paik
6New Order, Get Ready (Warner Brothers) Steve Burt, Britt Daniel, Lise LePage, Bob McCarthy, Fred Mills, Doug Orleans
1New Pornographers: Mass Romantic Max Daniels
7The New Year, Newness Ends (Touch and Go) Matthew J Barnhart, Justin Foley, Chris Jacobs, Tim Midgett, Jodi Shapiro, Jim Steed, Joe Willette
1Phill Niblock Touch Works, For Hurdy Gurdy and Voice (Touch) Jeff Economy
1Nigeria 70: The Definitive Story of 1970s Funky Lagos (Afro Strut) Brent Burton
1Jack Nitzsche, Three Piece Suite(rhinohandmade)--could be dq'ed as I didn't Andrew Leonard
2No Neck Blues Band - Sticks and Stones may Break my Bones, but Names will Never Hurt Me (Revenant) David Caperton, Thomas Humphrey
1North Mississippi All-Stars: 51 Phantom (Tone Cool) David Katznelson
1The Notwist - Pilot 12". community. Geoff Cox
1The Numbers: What Good Girls Are Good For 7" (Roof Rack) Neil Donnelly
2Old 97's, Satellite Rides (Elektra/Asylum) Sean Carruthers, Bob McCarthy
1Old Solar - Many Visitors Have Been Gored by Buffalo (Mint) Stuart McHugh
1Wayne Omaha - "Can The Maps, Go For The Beauty" (Bobby Dazzler) Russell Gragg
3Oneida, Anthem of the Moon (Jagjaguwar) Neil Donnelly, Soren Petersen, Aaron Schnore
1Tara Jane O'Neil In the Sun Lines Quarterstick Jeffrey W. Breeze
3Jim O’Rourke, Insignificance (Drag City) Brent Burton, Sean Carruthers, Jim Steed
2Orthrelm -- Iorxhscimtor (Tolotta) Brent Burton, John Rickman
1Ozzy Osbourne, "Gets Me Through" (Epic) Tim Midgett
3John Oswald, 69 Plunderphonics 96 (Fony/Seeland) Jeff Economy, Robert J. Girardi, Ernest Paik
4Shuggie Otis, Inspiration Information (Luaka Bop/Warner) [rerelease] Andy Beta, Jeff Economy, Russell Gragg, Matthew Kaplan
1Outsiders "CQCQCQCQ" (Pseudonym) Kelly Corcoran
1Owls s/t Jade tree Jeffrey W. Breeze
2Pagans: Shit Street (Crypt, reissue) Neil Donnelly, Iikka Korhonen
1nam june paik -- works 1958-79 (sub rosa) Yin Pin
1Panoply Academy - "No Dead Time" (Secretly Canadian) John Rickman
1Papa M - Whatever, Mortal (Drag City) Jim Steed
1William Parker - "O'Neal's Porch" (Centering Music) Russell Gragg
7Pärson Sound, Pärson Sound (Subliminal/Ti'llindien) [rerelease] Andy Beta, David Caperton, Kelly Corcoran, Neil Donnelly, Jim Flannery, Karl Ikola, Iikka Korhonen
1DOLLY PARTON Little Sparrow (Sugar Hill) Steve Burt
1Charlie Patton: Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues (Revenant) (Various Artists) David Katznelson
2Pelt Ayahuasca vhf Jeffrey W. Breeze, Jim Flannery
1People Like Us - A Fist Full of Knuckles (Caciocavallo/Soleilmoon) Michael Howes
1Perfuse 73 - Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives (Warp) David Caperton
1Don Peris - Ten Silver Slide Trombones (IM) Keith Sawyer
8Pernice Brothers, The World Won't End (Ashmont) Stephen Clover, Geoff Cox, Britt Daniel, Sean Howe, C. K. Hutler, Chris Jacobs, Soren Petersen, Carl Zimring
1Perrey & Kingsley, The Out Sound from Way In! (Vanguard) Ernest Paik
1PG Six / Parlor Tricks and Porch Favorites (Amish) Brian Turner
2Joel R.L. Phelps and the Downer Trio, Inland Empires (Moneyshot) Windy Chien, Carl Zimring
1Phoenecia - Brown Out (Schematic) John Rickman
1The Phoenix Foundation "China Cove" [Lovely Horse] Stephen Clover
1Pig Destroyer -- Prowler in the Yard (Relapse) Brent Burton
1Pilot to Gunner - Games at High Speeds (Gern Blandsten) Kevin S. Hoskins
2Pinback, Blue Screen Life (Ace Fu) Cory Brown, Brian Eck
1Pink, "Get The Party Started" (Arista) Tim Midgett
1Plaid: Double Figure: Warp Joe Willette
2Joel Plaskett Emergency - "Down At The Khyber" (Brobdingagian) Russell Gragg, Keith Sawyer
1Pleasure Forever: s/t (Sub Pop) Jim Flannery
1Pole - "R" (~Scape) John Rickman
1Prairie Dog Flesh, Take The Green Over The Red (Three Lobed) Doug Orleans
1Prefuse 73: Vocal Studies and Uprock Narratives: Warp Joe Willette
2Preston School of Industry - "All This Sounds Gas" (Matador) Russell Gragg, Joe Willette
1Kuusumun Profeetta: Kukin Kaappiaan Selässään Kantaa (Ektro) Iikka Korhonen
2Propagandhi - "Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes" (G7 Welcoming Committee) Russell Gragg, Kevin S. Hoskins
1Pulp "We Love Life" (Island UK) Kelly Corcoran
1Purple Munkie - The Balls E.P. (alphabetty) Stuart McHugh
1Q AND NOT U: No Kill No Beep Beep (Dischord) Steve Burt
1sun ra and his intergalactic arkestra -- it is forbidden (total energy) Yin Pin
1Sun Ra - Nuclear War (Atavistic reissue) Stephen W Farneman
13Radiohead, Amnesiac (Capitol) Geoff Cox, Jeff Economy, Robert J. Girardi, Thomas Humphrey, C. K. Hutler, Rob Lim, Tom Meyer, Fred Mills, Doug Orleans, David Raposa, Aaron Schnore, Jodi Shapiro, Douglas Wolk
1radu malfatti/thomas lehn/phil durrant -- dach (erstwhile) Yin Pin
2Rainer Maria, A Better Version of Me (Polyvinyl) Brian Eck, Bob McCarthy
1The Ramones *Rocket to Russia* (Rhino) -- REISSUE Soren Petersen
1Phil Ranelin - Vibes From The Tribe (Hefty; Re-Issue) David Caperton
1The Rapture --Out of the Races and onto the Tracks EP-- Jimmy Askew
3Red House Painters, Old Ramon (Sub Pop) Steve Burt, Geoff Cox, Keith Sawyer
1Reigning Sound Break Up Break Down Sympathy ftri Jeffrey W. Breeze
1R.E.M.-Reveal (Warner) Bjorn Olson
1Residents, Icky Flix DVD (East Side Digital) Ernest Paik
1Rheostatics Night of the Shooting Stars (Perimeter/Universal) Sean Carruthers
2Marc Ribot - Saints (Atlantic) Robert J. Girardi, Thomas Humphrey
1Jonathan Richman Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow (Vapor) Britt Daniel
1Ride; Box Set; Ignition Rob Lim
3Terry Riley, You're Nogood (Cortical Foundation) Eric Arn, Rob Carmichael, Windy Chien
2Mark Robinson - Canada's Green Highways (Teenbeat) Cory Brown, John Rickman
1Rocket from the Crypt- Group Sounds (Vagrant) Kevin S. Hoskins
1Rondelles, The Shined Nickels and Loose Change (K) Brian Eck
1Christina Rosenvinge - Frozen Pool (Smells Like) Stephen W Farneman
1rotor+ "Aileron" [RTCNZ] Stephen Clover
1DJ/Rupture / Gold Teeth Thief (Soot) Brian Turner
1Bruce Russell "Painting the Passports Brown" [Corpus Hermeticum] Stephen Clover
1Salamander Birds of Appetite Camera Obscura Eric Arn
1Hope Sandoval and the Warm Intentions "On the Low" Sean Howe
1hope sandoval and the warm inventions -- at the doorway again (rough trade) Yin Pin
1Hope Sandoval& The Warm Inventions: Bavarian Fruit Bread (Rough Trade/Sactuary) David Katznelson
1Heidi Saperstein - The Devil I Once Knew (Kim Chee) Keith Sawyer
1SARGE Distant (Parasol) Steve Burt
1Scorces Scorces Wholly Other Eric Arn
1seht "dronemusic" [Celebrate Psi Phenomenon] Stephen Clover
1SELBY TIGERS Charm City (Hopeless) Steve Burt
1shannonwright "Dyed in the Wool" (Quarterstick) Matthew J Barnhart
1Sonny Sharrock Black Woman Collectables Eric Arn
1Archie Shepp "Blase" (Get Back/Charly) Kelly Corcoran
1The Shiners, Bonnie Blue (Planetary) Carl Zimring
7The Shins, Oh, Inverted World (Sub Pop) Geoff Cox, Britt Daniel, Kathy Fennessy, Sean Howe, Chris Jacobs, Tom Meyer, Joe Willette
1Matthew Shipp New Orbit Thirsty Ear Jeffrey W. Breeze
1Shipping News, Very Soon, And In Pleasant Company. (Quarterstick) Doug Orleans
1Shriekback *Aberrations 81-84* (Mauve) Soren Petersen
1Sigh - Imaginary Sonicscape (Century Media) Windy Chien
2sightings 7" (freedom from...) Yin Pin, Brian Turner
1Judee Sill s/t (WEA Japan) Andy Beta
1Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers - "Ume Sour" (Darla) John Rickman
1Skye Klad, Skye Klad (Mutant Music) Doug Orleans
1Slayer: God Hates Us All: American Joe Willette
3Smog, Rain on Lens (Drag City) Cory Brown, Thomas Humphrey, Iikka Korhonen
2Soft Boys - "Underwater Moonlight" (Matador) (REISSUE) Russell Gragg, Ernest Paik
1Soltero Science Will Figure You Out Kentuckyland Jeffrey W. Breeze
1Some Soviet Station - s/t (Moodswing Records) Kevin S. Hoskins
1Song of Zarathustra - The Birth of Tragedy (Troubleman Unlimited) Carl Youngdahl
1Sounds of American Doomsday Cults Vol. 14 (Faithways) Windy Chien
1Soundtrack of Our Lives: Behind the Music (Telegram) Iikka Korhonen
1Spare Snare - Charm (Chute) Stuart McHugh
2Sparklehorse -- IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE (Capitol) Stuart McHugh, Jodi Shapiro
1Spazz - Sweatin' 3, Skatin', Satan, and Katon (Slap A Ham) reissue Michael Howes
1Britney Spears Britney Jive Jeffrey W. Breeze
6Spiritualized, Let It Come Down (Arista) Stephen Clover, Britt Daniel, David Katznelson, Iikka Korhonen, Fred Mills, Jodi Shapiro
1Split Funeral Diner/Staircase LP (Ape Must Not Kill Ape) Michael Howes
6Spoon, Girls Can Tell (Merge) Kelly Corcoran, Max Daniels, Sean Howe, Chris Jacobs, Bjorn Olson, David Raposa
1Spring Heel Jack: Masses (Thirsty Ear) Jim Flannery
1Squarepusher -- GO PLASTIC (Warp) Jodi Shapiro
3Stalk-Forrest Group, St. Cecilia (Rhino Handmade) [rerelease] Eric Arn, Karl Ikola, Iikka Korhonen
1The Starlets - Maybe Tomorrow You'll Feel Blue (Stereotone) Stuart McHugh
1The Stars; Today; PSF Rob Lim
1STATUESQUE Live From Lake Vostok (S/R) Steve Burt
1The Stereo - No Traffic (Fueled By Ramen) Windy Chien
1Stereo Total - Musique Automatique. Telepop. Geoff Cox
8Stereolab, Sound-Dust (Elektra) Stephen W Farneman, Kathy Fennessy, Lise LePage, Tom Meyer, Ernest Paik, Dan Rench, Aaron Schnore, Jim Steed
1The Stickmen: Insatiable (Cuneiform) Neil Donnelly
1The Still - Nectar (PulCec) Keith Sawyer
1Stinking Lizaveta, III (Tolotta) Doug Orleans
1Strike Anywhere - Change is a Sound (Jade Tree) Kevin S. Hoskins
1String Builder s/t Handsome Jeffrey W. Breeze
6The Strokes, Is This It? (BMG/RCA) Jeffrey W. Breeze, Sean Carruthers, Geoff Cox, Brian Eck, Bjorn Olson, Aaron Schnore
2The Strokes with Christina Aguilera: "Stroke of Genius" (bootleg MP3) Sean Howe, Douglas Wolk
2Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - "Global A Go-Go" (Hellcat/Epitaph) Russell Gragg, Fred Mills
1Suka "Dancing to Tibet" ep [Arclife] Stephen Clover
1Sun City Girls - Handsome Stranger (Abduction) Scott Colburn
2Sun City Girls: Libyan Dream -- Carnival Folklore Resurrection #7 (Abduction) Neil Donnelly, Derek Monypeny
2Super Furry Animals Rings Around the World (Epic/Sony) Sean Carruthers, Soren Petersen
4Superchunk, Here's To Shutting Up (Merge) Steve Burt, Sean Carruthers, Britt Daniel, Kevin S. Hoskins
1Surface of Eceon - The King Beneath the Mountain (Strange-Attractors Jim Steed
1Daisuke Suzuki DDD (Idea) Andy Beta
1Kurt Swinghammer Black-Eyed Sue (Cultural Engineering) Sean Carruthers
2System of a Down - Toxicity (American) Iikka Korhonen, David Raposa
1Rachid Taha *Made in Medina* (Mondo Melodia) Soren Petersen
1Nobukazu Takemura: Hoshi No Koe (Thrill Jockey) Douglas Wolk
1The Takers, Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive (Op Pop Pop/Rubric) Doug Orleans
2Techno Animal / Brotherhood of the Bomb (Matador) Justin Foley, Brian Turner
1Techno Animal - Dead Man's Curse (Matador) Windy Chien
1Jimi Tenor - "Cosmic Relief" (Puu) John Rickman
1The Texas Governor s/t Arch Enemy Jeffrey W. Breeze
1Thai Elephant Orchestra (Mulatta)(Various Elephants) David Katznelson
1Zakary Thaks: Form The Habit LP (Beat Rocket) Karl Ikola
1Therios / II (Hollender) Brian Turner
4Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Bob Dinners and Larry Noodles present Tubby Turdner's Celebrity Avalanche (Communion) David Caperton, Tom Meyer, Doug Orleans, Douglas Wolk
3This Heat Deceit (These) Andy Beta, Neil Donnelly, Derek Monypeny
1Thor's Hammer: From Keflavik...With Love CD (UK, Big Beat) Karl Ikola
1Tied and Tickled Trio - Electric Avenue Tapes (Clearspot) Jim Steed
1MARTIN TIELLI-We didn't even suspect that he was the poppy salesman (Six Shooter) Bjorn Olson
4Tindersticks, Can Our Love... (Beggar's Banquet) Fred Mills, Bjorn Olson, Yin Pin, Carl Zimring
1To Dream of Autumn "Kill Your Cul-de-Sac EP" (Magic Bullet) Kelly Corcoran
1To Rococo Rot & I-Sound - "Hungry Ghost" (City Slang) John Rickman
1Amon Tobin - Supermodified (Nija Tune) Scott Colburn
1Toby Dammit -- TOP DOLLAR (Omplatten) Jodi Shapiro
2Jenny Toomey - Antidote (Misra) Steve Burt, David Raposa
1Torrez Wild Horse Beauty Shop Jeffrey W. Breeze
5Tortoise, Standards (Thrill Jockey) Brent Burton, Sean Carruthers, Ernest Paik, John Rickman, Jim Steed
1Toulouse - New Points, New Lines (Grimsey) Keith Sawyer
1Tracy + the Plastics - Muscler's Guide To Videonics (Chainsaw)=20 Cory Brown
1Tragedy - LP John Rickman
1Trailer Bride - High Seas (Bloodshot) Thomas Humphrey
1Trembling Blue Stars - Alive to Every Smile. Sub Pop. Geoff Cox
1Truby Trio, D.J. Kicks (!K7) Fred Mills
1Scott Tuma Hard Again Derek Monypeny
1Two-Minute Miracles - "Volume II" (Teenage USA) Russell Gragg
1Ulver - Silence the Singing (Jester) Scott Colburn
1Ulver - Silence Teaches You How to Sing (Jester) Scott Colburn
1The Uniform - Black & Vain Robert J. Girardi
6Unwound, Leaves Turn Inside You (Kill Rock Stars) Britt Daniel, Thomas Humphrey, Doug Orleans, Soren Petersen, Dan Rench, Carl Youngdahl
1Masayoshi Urabe; Rock 'n' Roll Breathing; There Rob Lim
3US Maple, Acre Thrills (Drag City) Neil Donnelly, Derek Monypeny, Aaron Schnore
1v/a -- can't stop it: australian post-punk 1978-82 (chapter music) Yin Pin
1V/A Child as Audience ( Michael Howes
1v/a - Clicks and Cuts 2 (Mille Plateaux) Carl Youngdahl
1V/A -- THE COSMIC FORCES OF MU (Planet Mu UK) Jodi Shapiro
1Various Artists: Darker than Blue: Soul from Jamdown (Blood and Fire) Neil Donnelly
1Various Artists: The Dunedin Sound (KFJC) Jim Flannery
1Ethiopiques Vol. 9-11 (Buda Musique) (Various Artists) David Katznelson
1V/A - "First Fist & Stroop" (Skipp) John Rickman
1Various Artists "Fit for Kings II" [Crawlspace] Stephen Clover
1Folks, He Sure Do Pull Some Bow! Vintage Fiddle Music 1927-1935 (Old Hat Records) (Various Artists) David Katznelson
1v/a - For Friends (Audio Dregs/Tomlab) Cory Brown
1V/A - Freakbitchlickfly (Violent Turd) Windy Chien
1V/A: Friday At The Hideout CD (Norton). Karl Ikola
1Ghostworld Soundtrack (Shanachie) Kelly Corcoran
2It Came From Memphis Vol. 2 (Birdman) (Various Artists) David Katznelson, Brian Turner
1Various Artists - Love, Peace & Poetry Vol. 4: Japanese Psychedelic Music (QDK) Stephen W Farneman
1Various Artists - Love, Peace & Poetry Vol. 5: British Psychedelic Music (QDK) Stephen W Farneman
1Various Artists - The Mad, Mad World of Soundtracks Volume 2 (Motor/Universal) Stephen W Farneman
1Various Artists: Nigeria 70 (Afro Strut) Douglas Wolk
6Various Artists, Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts from the British Empire and Beyond (Rhino) [compilation] Jimmy Askew, Stephen W Farneman, Kathy Fennessy, Iikka Korhonen, Dan Rench, Douglas Wolk
1Various Artists; Pop Ambient 2001; Kompakt Rob Lim
1Various Artists: Rapid Transit: Chocolate Industries Joe Willette
2Various Artists: Ringtones (Touch) Jodi Shapiro, Douglas Wolk
1V/A Short, Fast + Loud (Slap A Ham) Michael Howes
1Various Artists, The Source Presents Hip Hop Hits Vol. 5 (Uptown/Universal) Bob McCarthy
1V/A - Studio One Rockers (Soul Jazz) Windy Chien
1V/A - "Studio One Soul" (Soul Jazz) Rob Carmichael
1Various Artists, Superfunk2 (Ace) Ernest Paik
1Various Artists, Troubleman Mix-Tape (Troubleman) Brian Eck
1VA "Truck Driver's Boogie:Big Rig Hits 1939-1969" (Country Music Hall of Fame Classics) Kelly Corcoran
1Various Artists; Unattainable Text #1; Diskono Rob Lim
1John Vanderslice Time Travel Is Lonely (Barsuk) Britt Daniel
1Veda Hille - "Field Study" (independent) Russell Gragg
4The Velvet Underground, Bootleg Series Volume 1: The Quine Tapes (Polydor) David Caperton, Brian Eck, David Katznelson, Andrew Leonard
1Vienna Art Orchestra - The Minimalism of Erik Satie (Hat Hut reissue) Stephen W Farneman
1Vivian Sisters - Vivian Sisters (Avant/Disk Union) Michael Howes
1VNV Nation - Genesis 1&2. Metropolis. Geoff Cox
1Jon Wahl: Sour Suite (Birdman) David Katznelson
1Loudon Wainwright III, Last Man on Earth (Red House) Bob McCarthy
1Rufus Wainwright - Poses (Dreamworks) Windy Chien
1David S. Ware Quartet Corridors and Parallels Derek Monypeny
1Matty Warmington "Flow" [no label] Stephen Clover
1The Waves - Flame a Little Brighter (Grimsey/March) Keith Sawyer
1The Weakerthans - Left and Leaving (Sub City) Cory Brown
3Weezer, Weezer (The Green Album) (Geffen) Sean Carruthers, Max Daniels, Bjorn Olson
3Gillian Welch, Time (The Revelator) (Acony Bell) David Caperton, Jim Flannery, Thomas Humphrey
1When - The Lobster Boys (Jester) Windy Chien
1White Stripes, "Fell in Love with a Girl" Sean Howe
12White Stripes, White Blood Cells (Sympathy for the Record Industry) Kelly Corcoran, Max Daniels, Brian Eck, Kathy Fennessy, Chris Jacobs, Iikka Korhonen, Bob McCarthy, Fred Mills, Dan Rench, Jim Steed, Joe Willette, Carl Youngdahl
1Keith Fullerton Whitman; 21:30 For Acoustic Guitar; Apartment B Rob Lim
3Wilco, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot ( Jimmy Askew, Andy Beta, Douglas Wolk
1Willard Grant Conspiracy, Everything's Fine (Slow River) Carl Zimring
2Lucinda Williams, Essence (Lost Highway) Bob McCarthy, Fred Mills
9The Wipers, Box Set (Is this Real?; Youth of America; Over the Edge) (Zeno Records) [compilation] Steve Burt, Kelly Corcoran, Geoff Cox, Stephen W Farneman, Kathy Fennessy, Jim Flannery, Thomas Humphrey, Karl Ikola, Soren Petersen
1Jah Wobble & Bill Laswell, Radioaxiom: A Dub Transmission (Axiom/Palm) Fred Mills
2Steve Wynn, Here Come the Miracles (Innerstate/Down There) Fred Mills, Carl Zimring
1X --Los Angeles-- Jimmy Askew
1X *Wild Gift* (Rhino) -- REISSUE Soren Petersen
1Yo La Tengo "Danelectro" ep [Matador] Stephen Clover
2Larry Young - Lawrence of Newark (Perception/Castle reissue) David Caperton, Stephen W Farneman
1Zammuto - "Solutiore of Stareau: Disc One" (Infraction) Rob Carmichael
1Tom Ze - Jogos de Armar (Trama) Michael Howes
3Thalia Zedek, Been Here and Gone (Matador) Cory Brown, Yin Pin, Joe Willette
1Zeni Geva 10000 Light Years Neurot Justin Foley
1John Zorn - The Gift (Tzadik) Thomas Humphrey