Mix Tapes

Every once in a while I'm inspired to make a tape of a bunch of songs I like, usually to give to friends to try and get them to listen to ``cool'' music. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Usually I end up making the tape more for myself than for anyone else, which is probably how it's supposed to be anyway. I've saved some of the more interesting ones:
NorCal '94
A bunch of songs from Northern California bands of the early 1990s.
NorCal '95
The sequel!
Loud Stuff
Just a random collection of loud songs.
My Dreaming Hill
Some shoegazer/hypnodrone stuff.
Dynamic Alternative, New-wave, Indie, Etc. Listening & Learning Experience
A tape of songs for my sister, who was 13 years old and learning the bass guitar at the time.
Monsters, Animals, Robots, & Kings
A tape of songs for my brother, who was 10 years old at the time.

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