Chugchanga-L Members' Favorite Records of 1994

From: Apraxia@AOL.COM
Subject: The Actual TOP 40 list, finally.
Date: 	Mon, 30 Jan 1995 13:18:16 -0500

Hi everyone. Here at long last is the official unauthorized Chugchanga Top 40
Albums of 1994. 

1. Shellac _At Action Park_ (Touch & Go) 
2. Pavement  _Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain_ (Matador) 
3. Guided by Voices _Bee Thousand_ (Scat) 
4. Rodan _Rusty_ (1/4 Stick) 
5. Palace Brothers _Palace Brothers_ (Drag City) 
6. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion _Orange_ (Matador) 
7. Come _Don't Ask Don't Tell_ (Matador) 
8. Silkworm _Libertine_ (El Recordo) 
9. Drive Like Jehu _Yank Crime_ (Interscope) 
10. Thinking Fellers Union Local #282 _Strangers from the Universe_ (Matador)

11. Circle _Meronia_ (Bad Vugum) 
12. Tortoise _Tortoise_ (Thrill Jockey) 
13. Tall Dwarfs _3 Eps_ (Flying Nun) 
13. Gastr Del Sol _Crookt, Crackt or Fly_ (Drag City) 
15. Unwound _New Plastic Ideas_ (Kill Rock Stars) 
16. Dog Faced Hermans _Those Deep Buds_ (Alternative Tentacles) 
17. Brise-Glace _...when in Vanitas..._ (Skin Graft) 
18. Beastie Boys _Ill Communication_ (Capitol) 
19. Antietam _Rope-A-Dope_ (Homestead) 
20. Sebadoh _Bakesale_ (Sub Pop) 
21. Cobra Verde _Viva La Muerte_ (Scat) 
22. Versus _The Stars are Insane_ (TeenBeat) 
23. Peter Jefferies _Electricity_ (Ajax) 
24. Built to Spill _There's Nothing Wrong With Love_ (Up!) 
25. Brainbombs _Genius and Brutality...Taste and Power_  (Blackjack) 
26. Wake Ooloo _Hear No Evil_ (Pravda) 
26. Guv'ner _Hard For Measy For You_ (Ecstatic Peace) 
28. New Bomb Turks _Information Highway Revisited_ (Crypt) 
28. Husker Du _The Living End_ (Warner Bros) 
30. Kathy McCarty _Dead Dog's Eyeball_  
31. Done Lying Down _John Austin Rutelidge_  
32. Grifters _Crappin' Ya Negative_ (Shangri-La) 
32. Dazzling Killmen _Face of Collapse_ (Skin Graft) 
34. Nothing Painted Blue _Placeholders_ (Scat) 
35. Nirvana _MTV Unplugged In New York_ (DGC) 
36. Magic Hour _No Excess Is Absurd_ (Twisted Village) 
36. Bedhead _whatfunlifewas_ (Trance Syndicate) 
38. Peter Laughner  _Take the Guitar Player For a Ride_ (Tim Kerr) 
38. Neil Young and Crazy Horse _Sleeps with Angels_ (Reprise) 
40. Low _If I could Live in Hope_ (Vernon Yard) 

Note: If two releases have the same rating number it's cuz they tied.

Contributors: Joe Anuff, Patrick Barber, Aaron Burgess, Ian Christe, Bill
Cohen, David dal Farra, Mike Dube, Brian Eck, Robin Edgerton, Jeffrey Ehrbar,
Jon Fine, Filip Francois, Ben Goldberg, Jason Harman, Mike Hibarger, Paul
Hirst, Bill Kellum, Ted Khoury, Jake Krielkamp, Frederic Madre, John Magee,
Robert McCarthy, Stuart McHugh, Pedro Moreno, Doug Mosurak, Doug Orleans, Bob
Pomeroy, Daniel Rench, Chris Scofield, Eliot Shepard, Wilson Smith, Glenn
Susser, Jim Testa, Matthew Tomich, Chris Ullsperger, Douglas Wolk, Trey
Woodard, Jeff Wright, Carl Youngdahl.

Thanks to everyone who submitted lists. I have only just now finished the LP
tally; I'm not sure if I will get around to doing any other lists, since they
(7"s, live, EPs) are really spotty and not everyone turned one in. But i know
how you all love these things (kaff, kaff), so they may be along eventually.

   Forty people submitted lists, which is just over 10% of Chug's population.
I was disappointed by this small sampling, although if it had been 150 I
would have been doing this until June. But what's really troublesome is that
the contributors were all male (with the possible exception of Robin
Edgerton, whose gender I cannot determine from his/her name [she's
female --dougo]). Next year maybe I'll kick in some much-needed affirmative

thanks again for all the lists.



Doug Orleans <>
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